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Basalt, Colorado sits at the confluence of the beautiful Frying Pan and Roaring Fork Rivers, but it's also deemed itself as The Confluence of Rivers, Recreation, and Culture. That's easily proven in its downtown area, where art galleries, coffee shops, and parks can all be found within blocks of each other in this quaint, Colorado town. As you cruise through downtown Basalt and enjoy a nice brunch at Heather's, keep in mind that right above the town sits Ruedi Reservoir. Frying Pan Road will lead you up to the gorgeous reservoir, which has enough nature, beauty, and campgrounds for you to complete your entire Colorado bucket list in one weekend. From its Gold Medal Fly Fishing Rivers to its Arts and Cultural Events to its close proximity to Aspen, Basalt will keep inspiring you. No matter how you vacation, make the most of your trip, and allow TurnKey to help turn your Colorado adventure into a cozy getaway. With all the amenities of a hotel combined with the comfortability of home, TurnKey Vacation Rentals has the solution for you!

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Top 5 Adventures to Have in Basalt

1. Rent a Paddleboard

Shaboomee has made it simple for vacationers and locals alike to spend a day out on the water with little hassle and no need for extra storage in your vehicle. Located in the Whole Foods parking lot, Shaboomee rents out inflatable paddleboards that you can rent for the day or weekend. These paddle boards can easily be stored in your vehicle, even if it's just a 2-door vehicle.

2. Rent a Bicycle

Not only does Basalt's calm demeanor and bike paths like the Rio Grande Trail make for pleasant riding, but for more adventurous souls, the Frying Pan Road makes for a gorgeous bike ride. At Basalt Bike and Ski, you'll find that rentals are cheap and convenient, since Basalt is a 10-minute ride from the shop.

3. Grab Your Fishing Gear

The Frying Pan River is considered to be "Gold Medal Waters," and for good reason. If you're an avid fisherman or woman, bring your gear along for a relaxing, gorgeous weekend in Basalt's waters. You can rent gear at the downtown shop Frying Pan Anglers.

4. Challenge the Rivers with Kayaks and Rafts

Whether you'd like to kayak at the peaceful Ruedi reservoir, or you're looking for a more adventurous afternoon with one of the many local whitewater rafting guides, check out Blazing Adventures for a recommended raft group. Experience the confluence of rivers first-hand!

5. Take a Hike

Maybe you'd like to stray away from any equipment and just put on a pair of solid hiking boots and enjoy the beautiful mountains that surround town. Arbaney Kittle, a trail just east of Basalt, will take you to a beautiful vantage point of the valley within a matter of 2 miles. While you can take the full 17.5 mile trail all the way to Aspen, we recommend an easy day hike to the point that overlooks the valley. After all, you're on vacation!

For Nature lovers and city lovers alike, Basalt is exactly what it says it is: A confluence of culture. You can have that coffee at Confluence Cafe while your friends bike the Frying Pan Rd. Or, you can spend the day having a cookout on the shores of Ruedi Reservoir.

There is no shortage of options when it comes to the lovely town of Basalt, Colorado!

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